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Our company finds its origin in the idea of a world where everyone can make full utilisation of the financial services. We dream of the day when everyone will be financially aware, when everyone will be able to invest their money and meet their life goals through not just active income, but passive income as well.


Our two companies are LearnovationZ and FinnovationZ.


LearnovationZ is the answer to all your questions about the stock market. It is the beginners’ guide to the world of finance, and it brings exclusive videos, news updates, courses, blogs and many other products, aimed at increasing financial awareness among people


FinnovationZ is our mutual fund platform. This platform will be the one-stop destination for all your mutual fund needs and requirements. With many other products, Finnovationz aims to increase financial awareness, with exclusive videos, updated news, investment opportunities etc.


Finnovationz is India's most loved tutorial of stock market and business.

5th May 2016

Origin of The Idea

We Came Up With An Exclusively Unique Idea of Innovating And Revolutionizing The Complete Financial Sector In India.

31st March 2017

FinnovationZ Day

Incorporation of The Company, Initiated a brokerage Firm With The Vision of Making The Process of Investment In Stock Market Easier.

15th January 2019


Milestone of 5,55,555 Subscribers Achieved On Youtube.

28th May 2019

Online Course

Launched Our Series of Financial Courses - Our Next Step Towards Spreading Nationwide Financial Awareness.

23rd July 2019

IPO Reports

Added a New Section in Our Official Website Dedicated For Research, Analysis and Report Preparation of IPO.

15th April 2020


Each milestone is a big step and with this, we achieved a milestone of 1 Million Subscribers on Youtube. This has been possible with the support of our learners, whose suggestions and support have made us a family of 1 million.


Our mission is to make the whole world financially literate. We want to spread our investment products to every corner of the world so that everyone can use these to increase their passive income.

It is our aim to bridge the gap in financial awareness. While information is freely aware, it is not always possible to comprehend that information or distill the essential portions from it. We believe that understanding this is a privilege that should be shared not just by a few, but by everyone.

We use specially designed innovative products which are aimed at reaching the masses, and breaking down barriers. Let us all join in this initiative to spread the message, and reach the full potential of our financial knowledge.


Our vision is dedicated to spreading financial awareness among people. With blogs, videos and specially designed courses, we aim to bring to the general public information regarding the stock market and the financial sector.

In the four years since its inception, the company has grown to become a major online presence in the field of finance-related information and business new. We aim to revolutionise the financial sector by changing the way that people think about finance.